We deliver tea, spices, themed experiences, local honey, local eggs, sweets, preserves, coffee, and more right to your door!  Free delivery in KW and Cambridge, and free once-weekly deliveries to Guelph (on Fridays); shipping costs are included. HOVER OVER the images below for a description of what each kit contains.
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Luxury Handmade Italian Confectionery

All Things Tea is SO proud to be the first and only retailer in Canada to purvey UK's number one Italian confectionery brand, Lavolio.  Served on several occasions to the Royals, these are more than just sweets; they are an experience.  Handmade, quality confections with unique flavour combinations...all wrapped up in a delicate sugar-spun shell.  They come in gorgeous keepsake tins - a complete treasure.  To learn more about the love that goes into these exquisite sweets, enjoy this short video

You may add these on to your home delivery order.  Just visit our Tea List to see what Lavolio collections we have available!

We Care About Our Collective Health

To help ensure the safety of all, we:

  • Wear disposable gloves when we pack your tea
  • Consistently sanitize all implements used to pack tea
  • Sanitize debit/credit machine before and after each use

Note: All tea arrives to us from strict, quality-controlled suppliers and is vacuum-sealed. This virus cannot live in high temperatures; you are safe drinking tea!

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